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EKG Screening For Heart Health

Concerned about your heart health? Allow the team at Bella Terra Primary Care to complete a simple EKG test to provide more insight into your overall heart function. Rather than having to go to a hospital or clinic, you can visit our Huntington Beach offices to receive your screening in a comfortable and caring environment. Nishu Karki, MD, a board-certified internal medicine specialist, will be able to administer your EKG test and provide a detailed analysis concerning your heart’s performance and any potential issues that need to be addressed.

What Is an EKG Test?

An electrocardiogram, commonly abbreviated as EKG or ECG, is a type of diagnostic heart health test. This noninvasive and painless test measures the electrical activity of the heart to detect underlying problems, such as:

  • Irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmias)
  • Blocked or narrowed arteries
  • Heart damage
  • Heart failure
  • Evidence of a previous heart attack
  • Effectiveness of heart disease treatments, such as pacemakers

Electrocardiograms work by measuring your heartbeat activity. Each time your heart beats, an electrical signal travels through your heart, causing the muscle to contract and pump blood. Small sensors used during an EKG are able to detect these signals with each heartbeat and record the data. The results from and EKG can then be interpreted to diagnose heart issues or confirm healthy heart activity.

Do I Need an EKG?

You may need an EKG screening if you have a history of heart problems or if you’re experiencing any of the following cardiac symptoms:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid pulse
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Fatigue or weakness when trying to perform physical activities

Some people may need an EKG even if they aren’t having any symptoms. This type of diagnostic test is often recommended for individuals with a family history of heart disease or other possible heart health risks.

In some cases, an EKG is included as part of a routine exam for middle-aged and older adults since they have an increased risk of heart disease. Others may need an EKG as part of an onboarding process for a new job that involves physical work or in order to participate in certain professional or school sports.

What to Expect During Your EKG Appointment?

An electrocardiogram is a safe, routine medical procedure, so there’s nothing to be concerned about when arriving for your appointment. The staff at Bella Terra Primary Care will check you in before you’re taken to a private patient room where the test will be administered by our EKG technicians.

You’ll lie down on a comfortable exam table and have small sticky sensors attached to your chest, arms, and legs. A small area may need to be shaved if there is excess hair present in a location where a sensor needs to be placed. Each sensor has a wire that is connected to a monitoring device.

You’ll need to lie still in a relaxed position for a few minutes while your heart’s electrical activity is recorded by the device. The results will be displayed on a computer monitor. After the test is complete, the sensors are easily removed and you’ll have a chance to discuss your results with Dr. Karki.

EKG Results

The data from an EKG test can help Dr. Karki uncover why you might be experiencing some cardiac symptoms. Your results will show whether there are any concerns regarding:

  • Heart rate and rhythm
  • Evidence of heart damage or a heart attack
  • Structural issues, like an enlarged chamber or heart defect
  • Blood and oxygen supply to the heart

Dr. Karki can provide recommendations for minor issues and help you develop a plan for heart-healthy living. For certain conditions or heart health concerns, Dr. Karki will be able to refer you to a cardiologist as needed.

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